About the Event

Forest 4.0 is an exclusive event that follows the trend of the fourth industrial revolution. It will address topics such as technologies for automation and data exchange, connectivity, internet of things and cyber-physical systems.

Technological advancements, cloud storage, Internet of Things and Big Data are well known terms in the industrial sectors of developed countries. Little by little, the tools of the fourth industrial revolution are also reaching Brazil, but not at the rate the market needs.

With this anticipation of solutions for the Brazilian forestry and logging markets in mind, the organizers of the International Timber Week (SIM, in Portuguese) are preparing a new technical event: Forest 4.0. “Mechanization is already a reality and it’s becoming even stronger in our sector. We want to drive the mechanization connectivity process, which is the future when it comes to reducing costs and increasing efficiency,” explains Ricardo Malinovski, Events Director at Malinovski, the company behind the International Timber Week.

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