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About us

The International Timber Week – Lignum Latin America, 3rd WoodTrade Brazil, 3rd Brazilian Meeting of Biomass and Wood Energy, 2rd ProWood, GIS Forest and Floresta 4.0 – is organized by Malinovski, a company with the forest in its DNA, where every activity is carried out with the aim of disrupting the status quo and bringing the newest solutions to the market.

We have the goal of generating business and bringing technical knowledge to companies and professionals, as we are passionate about and believe in the timber and forestry sectors. We work with this essence in mind since 2008. Over these 13 years, we’ve accomplished a lot! We established out space in the market with our events, consultancy projects, wood business, professional trainings, international technical travel groups, and communications.

We are constantly reinventing ourselves, broadening our horizons with the support of a solid, engaged and multi-disciplinary team striving for great customer relations and delivering quality services with ethics and commitment. Today, we are certain this is only the beginning.

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