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Gis Forest

International Timber Week will host a Forestry Geotechnology Meeting Not even the sky is the limit for the 21st century’s technological advancements. Spatial delimitation, topography reading and determining vegetation and soil characteristics are fundamental for planning and optimizing operations in forestry and agriculture activities. Geoprocessing is becoming faster and more precise, thanks to the use […]

Latin America’s power

Brazilian companies are investing in neighboring countries Procution and consumption of high quality timber in Latin America helps companies specialize their activities and increase their capacity to meet the demand for inputs and equipment. One such example is Mill Indústrias, which manufactures machines and saw blades for the furniture industry since 1996. The company’s sales […]

Machinery and equipment for timber

ABIMAQ bets on market growth for furniture industry equipment in 2019 Forecast for the resumption of growth in the Brazilian economy in 2019 is also to be felt by the market for machinery for the industrial timber and furniture sectors. Rene Lampe, president of the Sector Group for Timber Machinery and Equipment (CSMEM), from the […]

Expansion in Latin America

South American organizations interested in Lignum Latin America, event aimed at the timber production chain. Lignum Latin America, to be held from September 11 to 13th, 2019, in Curitiba, Brazil, will bring all the cutting-edge innovations from the timber production chain. In 2017, the fair’s second edition brought together 86 exhibitors and 6,188 visitors, generating […]

Forest 4.0

New event will bring forest connectivity to the International Timber Week. Technological advancements, cloud storage, Internet of Things and Big Data are well known terms in the industrial sectors of developed countries. Little by little, the tools of the fourth industrial revolution are also reaching Brazil, but not at the rate the market needs. With […]

Market optimism

Komatsu reveals optimism and business expansion starting in 2019 Komatsu, machine manufacturer for several industries, was an exhibitor at M&T Expo, a construction and mining equipment fair, which took place from November 26 to 29 in São Paulo, Brazil. The company’s forestry line was also exhibited at the fair, showcasing Komatsu’s optimism for the forestry […]

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