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Technical events at the 3rd International Timber Week

Numbers from the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) state that average Brazilian forestry exports reach USD 10.7 billion. The entire segment generates 3.7 million jobs and is responsible for 6.1% of the national GDP. Silviculture is a sustainable and renewable activity and timber is a promising biodegradable raw material. The discussion of this scenario was the […]

Abimci releases its Market Report at the International Timber Week

The Brazilian Association of Mechanically Processed Wood Industries (Abimci) launched its 2019 Market Report at the International Timber Week. The new publication brings the most up to date in-depth look at the segment, with socioeconomic data and the contributions of forestry and the timber industry for the Brazilian economy. The publication is split into four […]

Foreign participation

The 3rd International Timber Week and Lignum Latin America received professionals from 22 Brazilian states, as well as from countries such as Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Finland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Paraguay, Russia and Uruguay. Norberto Wendnagel came from Argentina specifically for the fair, which he considered very positive for the current economic scenario […]

Partnerships and investments announced

At the event, some companies took the opportunity to announce new partnerships, such as the one between Fuchs and Timber Forest. Fuchs named Timber the distributor of its technologies for wood manipulation and processing in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo. “Our company is focused on the conscious use of available […]

Lignum Latin America ends with a record number of exhibitors and visitors

During three intense networking days, companies and professionals from the forestry and wood industries were gathered at Expo Barigui, for the third edition of the Lignum Latin America trade fair. The event, which took place from Sept. 11–13th, beat some records regarding the previous editions. The number of exhibitors went from 86 in 2017 to […]

IMTAB will release new product at Lignum Latin America

IMTAB Industrial is a company headquartered in Agrolândia, Santa Catarina. It specializes in equipment manufacture for the generation of hot gas, steam, hot water and more. “IMTAB’s heat generators use biomass as an energy source. By replacing gas and oil in our power grid we save money and cause less impact to the environment,” explains […]

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