Frames are a highlight in Brazilian exports of timber products

The frame market is responsible for an important share of Brazilian wood product exports. In 2018, Brazil exported roughly USD 214 million in wood frames, especially to the USA. The country was responsible for acquiring 96% of the total volume of wood frames exported by Brazil last year. The remaining 4% are spread out over more than 20 countries.

Manufactured mainly from solid pine timber, the main producers are based in Paraná and Santa Catarina. Both states produce together almost the entire volume of wood frames manufactured in the country. Paraná leads in exports, accounting for roughly 75% of the total volume, whereas Santa Catarina is responsible for around 25% of the exported volume.

These are products of high added value, as they undergo different processes until they are ready for sale. The main use for wood frames is in the finishing stages of civil construction. They are used for skirting, internal finishing touches, as components of doors and more.

“The frame market” will be the theme of a lecture given by Luis Daniel Woiski Guilherme, the coordinator of Abimci’s Wood Frame Committee, on September 10th at the 3rd WoodTrade Brazil. “The market is currently stagnated, due to restrictions on civil construction labor in the USA and the aggressive strategy of Chinese products. China doesn’t export finished products, only raw materials, but remain extremely competitive nonetheless. They are our biggest competitors in the American market, the world’s leading consumer,” he explains. Among Brazil’s strengths, Luis Daniel highlights two main points: our raw materials and the technology level of the Brazilian industry.

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