Ricardo Malinovski – CEO of Malinovski and Director of Lignum Latin America

What is the main goal of Lignum Latin America?

Our great goal is to gather the entire timber production chain, made up of professionals, equipment, products, services, new technologies and technical know-how. Malinovski, as is traditional in all our events, aims to bring together highly qualified people, which results in an environment highly favorable for networking and business generation.

What’s new at Lignum Latin America this year?

The fair began in 2016 as Lignum Brasil, with its second edition held in 2017. In this period, we noticed a significant increase in the visiting public, especially due to visiting professionals from other countries in Latin America. That is why this year we decided to strengthen the fair by bringing visitors from Latin American countries and changed its name to Lignum Latin America.

Aside from the fair, we will hold the technical events of the 3rd International Timber Week. This year, the great new attraction is the Technical Forestry Events: GIS Forest and Forest 4.0. At GIS Forest, we’ll discuss advancements and innovations in the geotechnology market and how these tools have been used successfully in silviculture. Forest 4.0 follows the trends of the 4th industrial revolution. The event will discuss themes suchas technologies for automation and data exchange, connectivity, Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems.

Which companies will be present as exhibitors? What will visitors find at the fair?

We will have over 100 exhibitors and many new attractions, many of which are a surprise, but we can safely say that the companies that will be present at Lignum Latin America are the market leaders in their respective fields. They are up to date and offer the most cutting-edge products in the 4.0 Industry. Searching for efficiency, high productivity and lower costs are the goals of any company. These and other solutions will be present at the fair.

In the indoor area, we will have machinery for sawmills, software, equipment to monitor production and several tools used in the timber production chain, from forestry to the industrial area. In the outdoor area of the fair, we will have bigger machines designed for timber harvesting, transportation and processing.

What are your expectations regarding the results of the fair?

Our expectations are the highest possible. In the second edition, held in 2017, we had 86 exhibitors and 6,188 visitors, resulting in over BRL 98 million in sales and prospections. We want to go even higher. We’ve already managed to increase that number of exhibitors and now we’re working on bringing qualified visitors to generate business and networking opportunities. We hope to receive over 8,000 visitors at Lignum Latin America this year.

What is the importance of timber from cultivated forests and the use of this raw material for society?

The timber production chain is highly important not only for the economy, but also for the sustainability of our planet. Timber from cultivated forests is an extremely versatile and renewable raw material. Products manufactured from timber keep the captured carbon during its useful life, as well as being biodegradable. For the economy, the timber industry generates countless jobs and great revenue, involving a wide variety of products and services. The cultivated forest sector, especially pine and eucalyptus, is responsible for driving technological advancements, from genetic enhancement to the use of aerospace tools to monitor and plan plantations, for example. In the timber industry, process automation and cutting-edge sensors are revolutionizing manufacture, making it increasingly possible to produce more with less.

That is the main goal of Lignum Latin America: to bring together varied solutions able to supply the entire production chain of this wonderful raw material that is timber.